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  • The Election is in Four Days – Are you ready to vote?

    Election Day is near! Here’s the information you need to ensure your vote gets counted:

    Voting Absentee:
    If you have an absentee ballot, make sure to mail it at the post office Monday before 5pm to ensure it is postmarked on Monday or it will not be counted. (Local postmark deadlines vary)

    Voting in Person:
    If you did not vote absentee or if you do not mail in your ballot, be sure that you vote  in person. You can vote on Election Day or possibly even today, Saturday, or Monday by visiting your county’s early voting location.

    This link will show you the locations, days, and hours of voting operations in your county: https://vip.sos.nd.gov/wheretovote.aspx.

    If you did not take advantage of absentee voting, please do your part and get to the polls tomorrow!

    Details on Voting

    Hunting & Voting:
    Voter confusion has been perpetrated on the relationship between hunting licenses and voting. The bottom line is that residency requirements for voting and residency for hunting are different and independent.

    Holding a hunting license for any state does not negate your right to vote.

    Your right to vote is explicitly outlined by law. If you hold a North Dakota license or identification card and have lived in the state for 30 days or more, you are a qualified voter.

    Two things to keep in mind:  1. Do not vote in two locations and 2. Be honest about your residency on your next hunting license purchase in North Dakota or any state for that matter.

    North Dakota’s Voter ID Requirements:
    North Dakota requires identification that includes the voter’s:

    Acceptable Forms of Identification:

    Voting at the Polling Place – A Valid North Dakota:

     Supplemental Documentation

    Set Aside Ballot Option

    Voting Absentee or by Mail – A Valid:

    Voting Absentee or by Mail – Special Circumstances – A Valid:

    Attester – An applicant without an acceptable form of identification may use an attester. The attester must provide his or her name, North Dakota driver’s license, nondrivers, or tribal identification number, and sign the absentee/mail ballot application form to attest to the applicant’s North Dakota residency and voting eligibility.