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The Bakken made North Dakota a player in the world’s energy industry and it created prosperity across the state. We must support policies and perceptions that allow it to be even more beneficial to the next generation. Each voice matters and is vital to succeed in the legislative and rulemaking process, and as the Dakota Access protests showed us, the general public needs to learn more about the oil and gas industry, its environmental commitment, and its benefit to our economy. 


How Can You Help?

Contact Bakken Backers to learn how you can help support and advocate for the Bakken. 


Energy Policies & Perceptions

Show your support to North Dakota’s leadership at local, state, and federal levels so that they can make policies that help rather than hinder the Bakken that is a direct reflection on the state’s economy and jobs.


Western North Dakota

Help western North Dakota communities continue their growth by supporting the message about the Bakken’s incredible career opportunities and great quality of life. 


Education & Outreach

Help others learn more about the Bakken by sharing information from Bakken Backers’ Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter. Or, invite us to speak at your next event.

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